Nate Fox

When “Acid Rap” began climbing the charts in 2013, fans wondered how Chicago hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper came by his unique, progressive sound. The answer was simple: Songwriter-producer Nate Fox, who teamed up with Chance to craft many of the album’s beats and unforgettable soundscapes.

Thanks to Fox-produced tracks like “Juice,” Lost” and “Chain Smoker,” “Acid Rap” went Top 30 and won critical raves, with Spin naming it the #2 hip-hop album of 2013. That success led to Nate collaborating with artists such as Lil Wayne, Lucki Eck$, Joywave, J. Cole, and Iggy Azalea. Following this, he joined Chance’s first touring band—and became a founding member of The Social Experiment, which has since resulted in multiple collaborations, including working on Chance’s subsequent projects, the “Surf” album, Peter Cottontale’s 2020 album “Catch,” and the Intellexual project with Nico Segal.

Fox also takes particular pride in supporting artists early in their careers, like Kehlani, DRAM, and Jamila Woods. Originally from Scottsdale, PA, Fox currently resides in Los Angeles and runs his studio, SOX Boys.

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